Enw Defnyddiwr:

Gweler Modiwlau a Gwasanaethau XLence

Ewch i'n gwefan farchnata i gael y newyddion XLence diweddaraf ac i ddarganfod mwy am y modiwlau a'r atebion a gynigiwn:

Mae modiwlau ychwanegol ar gael am brisiau gostyngedig i gwsmeriaid sydd eisoes yn defnyddio Gwersi a Ddysgwyd. Os ydych chi'n berchen ar ddau fodiwl, mae pob modiwl ychwanegol yn costio dim ond £50 yn ychwanegol y flwyddyn.

Newyddion a Hysbysiadau

Staff Wellbeing Diagnostic Tool

Support staff to self-evaluate across 32 influencing factors that impact their wellbeing. This diagnostic tool encourages individuals to consider key aspects of their daily lives and thereby to take responsibility for their mental and physical health. Increasing their self-awareness will enable them to monitor and manage their wellbeing overtime and to take actions to improve it.

Our diagnostic tool is set out in 8 domains (incl. Sense of Purpose, Emotional and Mental Health, Relationships, School Culture and Work Environment, etc.) that impact wellbeing with 32 influencing factors for staff to consider and assess against with ample room to make notes and reminders.

If you'd like more information, please see our website:

Performance Management Module Updates

We've reintroduced custom labels to the performance management module which means you can customise words like 'Performance Management', 'Appraisee', 'Meeting', 'Objective' and so on. You can make these changes now by going to 'Admin' > 'New PM Admin' > 'PM Labels'. A couple of the labels will not update until an update has been published this weekend, so please bear that in mind.

Another update coming this weekend is the ability to customise meeting types - you'll be able to decide which elements appear against each meeting type (e.g. appraisee comments, appraisee agreed, next meeting date and so on) and also add in templated comments to the appraisee and appraiser comment boxes. If you'd like to do this next week, go to Admin' > 'New PM Admin' > 'Meeting Types'.

Finally, after receiving calls from a few schools we've decided to replace the red cross/green tick in the PM documents table under 'Submitted for Approval' with the words Yes/No. The red cross was causing concern for lots of people, but please rest assured there is nothing wrong with your documents - it simply meant that they had yet to be submitted for approval, which you are not expected to do until the end of your PM cycle.

360 Review Module Update 

We've been busy working on updates to our 360 Review module over the last few weeks and have now put most of these updates live. Those of you using the module will have noticed that the menu layout has changed so that you select a radar type before going to any of the screens - this is to ensure that we can serve up the most relevant information to you straight away, particularly on the analysis and reporting pages.

The School 360 Comparison screen has changed significantly and now immediately offers up averages by role type for both top level spokes and sub spokes, as well as tables at the bottom which show you exactly where that data is coming from. The average builder has been temporarily removed from this screen but will be back and better than ever once we've published an update over the weekend. Keep an eye out for the 'Add/Edit Averages' button which will appear at the top of the screen.

We still have more updates to come to this module but if you need any support with updates published so far, please feel free to book an online training session with someone from our support team.

Make the Most of Our Free Online Training!

As you may know all our online training sessions are free of charge. Whether it’s a quick refresher session you need, or an in depth look at the analysis screens. We are more than happy to help.

At the time of the session, all you need to do is make sure you are by a computer and connected to the internet. If there will be multiple people attending the session you may also wish to have a speakerphone and projector set up.

To book your free online training, please contact our support team on 0800 788 0555

Managing School Development Planning at Every Level

Our School Development Module centres around a powerful custom form builder which can be used to create your SRF and SDP documents online and share them with the appropriate staff.

Key Benefits

  • Put your SRF and SDP documents online and make them accessible to everyone who needs them
  • Allow subject and year/phase co-ordinators to undertake self review and development planning for their areas of responsibility
  • Allow those co-ordinators to link their priorities back to the school plan
  • Form layout, judgements and sections can be fully customised to suit your school
  • Documents can be published at any time to ensure a paper trail of progress

To book a demo, please get in touch with our support team.